Education: Academy of Fine Arts, Tilburg


After the murder of four IKON journalists in El Salvador on March 17th 1982 politically and socially active in order to make known the liberation movements of the dictatorially ruled Latin American countries at the time by way of pictorial stories about “ A history of murder, robbery and exploitation, starting with Columbus and continuing into the present day.” (Eduardo Galeano)

Member of the (now defunct) El Salvador Committee Amsterdam.

Observer at the presidential elections in El Salvador in 1993.


From 1993 to 2004 guide at day-care centre of Crailo, centre for asylum seekers.

A series of portraits of child refugees: The Crailo Children. Publication of two books of stories told by and about the children: Sticking Plasters and Children on the run.


After the fall of the Bosnian enclave Srebrenica on July 11th 1995 under the eyes of the Dutch peace force Dutchbat, when 8,000 to 10,000 people were murdered, taking part in the mass burials of the excavated and identified victims at Srebrenica cemetery, Potocari, annually on July 11th.

Resulting in the pictorial report Srebrenica-Potocari.

A moveable Srebrenica-monument  was made in 2000, commissioned by the Political Committee Stari Most for the benefit of the annual National Srebrenica commemoration on Het Plein in The Hague on July 11th.

The book about the aftermath of the fall of Srebrenica: God Is Crying won an award in the competition “Best Books 2005”. In 2010 Srebrenica document for Edis was published.


In 2010 visiting lecturer in the USA at the faculty for Holocaust and Genocide Studies of Stockton University, New Jersey.

Exhibition Srebrenica composite pictures in the Museum for Modern art in Stockton.


From 2011 involved in the Spanish movement Memoria Histórica, the quest by victims and relatives for the approximate 150,000 missing people during Franco's dictatorship, and their fight for truth, justice and compensation. The pictorial report Memoria Histórica, the bitter heritage of Franco's dictatorship illustrates Spain's dramatic past and present, up till now shrouded in silence.


Jehanne van Woerkom is a member of the expert team of the Institute For Research of Genocide Canada (Ottawa), the Political Committee for Justice and Peace in the Balkans, Stari Most and the Plataforma por la Comisión de la Verdad, Spain.


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